Multisoft Group is a  professional services provider, specializing in business software development for small and middle size companies. We are highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Billing and Invoicing Software;
  • Workflow and Business Management Systems;
  • Custom CRM/ ERP Solutions;
  • Database Design and Development;
  • eCommerce Website Solutions;

We focus on using Java to build world-class software applications. Over the years we have developed a way of working built on a standard set of methodologies and technologies that are flexible enough to meet the unique technical, financial and organizational requirements of each of our customers.

We provide a software that enables our customers to make more money while spending less. We are good at hearing the needs/problems of businesses and identifying areas for the best return on investment. We achieve these results through careful analysis of what customer needs while trying to eliminate things that arenít likely to have an acceptable return on investment.


Application Development

On the application development stage we collect and translate business requirements into technology solution.

Application Reengineering & Migration 

We provide a deep analysis of changed business rules and offer possible transformations of legacy software into high-performance, easy to use application, which will respond to growing business needs.

Application Maintenance

Depending on the applications that have been in use by our client we build up a strategy for support and maintenance program that ensures operable conditions of software applications and IT systems.